• December 5, 2022

POS Politico Makes Claim Trump Would Sell Nomination for $150 Million


Someday someone will buy Politico and make a news organization out of it, but in the meantime they will continue to be a pack of Goebbels wannabes with the moral compass of a snake.  Or worse………….a democrat.  Politico is now trying to sell Americans the false narrative that Donald Trump would drop out of the race for president for the sum of 150 million dollars.  And what do they offer as proof?  Two disgruntled former employees of the Trump campaign.

The idea of paying Trump to drop out of the race started with the now bankrupt #NeverTrump movement.  The problem they have is they can’t come up with the down payment to buy a small coffee from McDonald’s.  They spent tons of money on negative advertising and saw it all go to waste and it’s backers have abandoned them and left them high and dry.

Politico got statements from people that rich republican donors would jump at the chance to pay Trump off.  That’s a bold face lie.  Oh, they’d want to but not one of them are eager to spend the next twenty years in prison.  That’s another thing Politico conveniently left out of their story.  making such a payment is a direct violation of federal law.

Donald Trump also weighed in on the Politico article:

“Can you believe this?  Number one, you can’t do it. Number two, you could offer me five times that amount and I wouldn’t do it.”

Trump nemesis Mark Cuban also made a comment to Politico.  He told the rag that Trump would never drop out of the race for $150 million.  He said he might be willing for $5 billion dollars.

From Breibart News:

“For five billion, we have to think about it right?” Trump joked, calling Politico a “total rag” that always uses an anonymous source that “doesn’t exist.” He also added that CNN “is terrible.”

“The Republican National Committee is with me 100 percent,” the billionaire added. “I think it’s just a pure fabrication by the press,” he added, referencing another report by theWashington Post about a plan to change the rules at the Republican National Convention to slip someone else into the nominee position.

“The Republicans should stick together. I don’t think it’s going to matter that much in terms of whether or not I win, I’ll be honest,” he stated, explaining that he’s an outsider in this election.

“Guys that were my friends said you’re an outsider,” he referenced about previously being part of the establishment as a donor. “I’m going to do what’s right for you” not for them.

“I know the game better than anybody,” the billionaire touted about the donors. “They want things in the party and the other party because Hillary is totally controlled by Wall Street…by countries that are horrible to [the] gay community” and that “enslave” women, because she received millions of dollars from these foreign countries, he challenged.




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