Preparing the Sheeple for War

article-2744871-2113522900000578-918_306x504There is nothing new under the sun and certainly beheadings in lunatic Islam is nothing new either. Yet when one, then another lefty journalist is wacked on film, for some reason now America’s media is stirring the pot of war. Why? Why all of a sudden? Don’t you find this odd? I have been following an internet site for almost 3 years called where daily video and still pictures of Islamic horror is on display for the world to see.


The photos also include dozens of slaughtered children with missing heads. One set of photos, which I cannot post here due to the audience of the site, shows a little toddler, a beautiful girl chained to a fence crying in total fear. Her parents were being beheaded in front of her precious eyes. The next photo shows that these Islamic pigs had cut this little child’s heart out of her tiny body, and probably ate it too. Where was the media outrage? Americas outrage, or the worlds outrage?  Well one thing for sure, my outrage was throbbing out of my forehead after viewing. Michael Savage and Walid Shoebat too have been exposing Islam for what it truly is…for years now.

Remember the Yazidhi people? Their plight as far as I know, is a plight that still exists (only knocked off the nightly news at the beginning of the Ferguson ruckus)….so where is the outrage? These people who took refuge in the mountains- from Islamic hoards of knife wielding executioners- are dying of thirst! Have you ever been really, really thirsty? Well, multiply that feeling by a thousand percent and then wait to die.

Then there’s the Christians of Mosul who have been completely removed from their homes and city. Hardly a blip on the news. Christian genocide is alive and well in Islamic Middle East hell holes. Yet where is the outcry? Does anyone realize if this was happening in America that our piece of land would be a ghost town? Considering 80% of Americans consider themselves “Christian”. I beg to differ though. It makes my head spin to think of how many nominal American so-called Christians would bow to Islam in order to keep their heads…even with Islam’s lack of fashion-sense clothing

So now back to my point…Why now? (Here an excerpt from an article by Dean Garrison, which answers my question…and I whole heartedly agree) “Foley’s beheading has sounded a battle cry to unite a nation that wants blood. Now it is being reported that these people really are as terrible as we have said all along. And now that the Obama Administration is talking about launching air strikes in Syria, against those that they trained and funded, the liberals will join the conservatives in the cry for vengeance…It’s not hard to launch a war in Syria as long as most of the American people are behind you. What a difference a year makes.”

It’s the old “Hegelian dialectic” once again:

  1. Create a problem.
  2. Wait for the public to cry for solutions to the problem.
  3. Give them what they (and YOU) want.

“Did the government create the problem? Sure they did. If you do not understand that ISIS was a creation of our own CIA then you need to do some research.”

Ironic how the leftist and their media will use our patriotism as a means to an end… always a means for their gain.

It’s because of my outrage against The Machine that my writing career was spawned.


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