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President Trump Dumps Two Secret Service Managers

There has been no reasons given for the forced resignations of at least two Secret Service managers on Thursday.  There are a couple of possibilities.  One is that the SS could be responsible for leaks from inside the White House and the second possibility is the fact that they have slow walked an investigation into tweets made by Colorado Secret Service manager Kerry O’Grady for multiple infractions of the Hatch ACT which forbids high level officials from public political acts.



We are just now finding out that the first official complaint filed against O’Grady was last year on October 11th.  No actions were taken against her until her comments about refusing to protect the president’s life came out and even then they suspended her WITH pay.  They were well aware of her federal crimes and made no criminal referral to federal investigators.










Steve Clemons, is the Washington Editor-at-Large for The Atlantic and National Journal and a contributor to MSNBC

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