• May 25, 2022

Professor Snowflake Calls Police On Cop in Uniform in Class


He may teach a class but there is no doubt that professor Snowflake has no class.  A policeman has attended classes part time for 8 years but one day he didn’t have time change before class.  When in uniform a policeman must carry his gun and  Jefferson Parish sheriff’s sergeant Josh Collins did.  One of the other students told the professor that they felt threatened by a police officer with a gun.  This was at Loyola University in New Orleans, so naturally Prof Snowflake called the cops on the policeman.

The police told the professor no law was broken and no police went to the university.

Josh Collins described his ordeal on Facebook:

Josh Collins
December 7 at 11:11pm ·

You know, as a white male conservative, I have put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments directed towards me while attending Loyola University New Orleans. I usually think the comments are funny because the ideals of a 18 year old ultra socialist frankly are funny to me. But today made me sad for the youth and the college I have attended for 8 years. Given how busy we have been this past week, including today, I showed up to class late and was still in full uniform because I didn’t have time to change. Obviously, being in full police uniform, I was armed. This is the first time after having six previous classes that anyone became aware of my profession. Shortly after my arrival, a fellow classmate complained to the professor of their uncomfortableness of having an armed police officer in the class. Mind you, I have sat in the same class for the last six weeks in civilian clothing. My professor then called the police. Of course I was not privileged to either of these conversations as they took place behind my back. My professor then pulled me out of class and told me that he had called the police based on the student complaint The police obviously never came and told him over the phone that I was perfectly within the law.

First of all, what type of over sensitive indoctrinated liberal flower petals has this generation created that they are scared of going to school with a uniformed police officer.

Secondly, how ironical and dumbfounding is it that you called the police to tell them that there was a police officer sitting in your class. Loyola University, a Jesuit Institution, prides itself on its commitment to social justice. However, in creating an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, you have now created an environment where I have been ostracized. As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.

Funniest of all, the title of the class is LAW AND MORALITY.

#DiscriminatedagainstbecauseIamBLUE #loyolauniversityneworleans


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