• December 6, 2023

Professor Spams Faculty and Students for Clinton Then Hillaryed About It


A professor at California State Polytechnic Institute spammed faculty and students with Clinton propaganda and when he was called on it, he Hillaryed (Lied) about it, saying that his account was hacked.

Then he blamed hackers after he was reported.

Billy Riggs teaches Urban Policy Economics

From Campus Reform:

A professor at California State Polytechnic Institute appears to have lied about his email being hacked after sending a message to his students asking them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Billy Riggs, an assistant professor of City & Regional Planning at Cal Poly, sent an email to his entire department Sunday pledging his support for Hillary Clinton and asking students and colleagues to do the same. The email was sent through “Brigade,” a mobile app that matches users to candidates based on how they respond to political questions.

“Billy has pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton on Brigade, the world’s first voter network. Join them and pledge your vote, learn about issues, and take positions. Billy wants you to pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton,” the email read.

Is there an indoctrination in the house?

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