• May 24, 2024

Psycologist Tells Parents, You Are Raising Your Children All Wrong

Now I have to say I never put much into psychology. Early in life, I had too many bouts of cheerfulness for it to matter to me. But there is was one thing I did know was my place in the pecking order of the family. I was not treated as an equal, and when I was spoken to, I listened and followed suit.  However, a new report has come out That hits the nail right on the head.

According to Fox13 Memphis:

The hierarchy of parent over child no longer exists, he said. Instead of parents exercising their authority because they know what’s best, they are focusing on making children happy and boosting their self-esteem.“They now see their job as facilitating whatever a kid wants to do,” he said. Instead, Sax said, a parent’s job is to teach children right from wrong, teach them the meaning of life and keep their children safe.“In doing that job, you’re going to do a lot of things a child won’t approve of and not understand.”

Case in point; how many times when I’m in a grocery store, and I see a mother with an infant in a child seat, asking a child what they want for dinner. All kidding aside but, what my mother put on the table we ate or went without. Now, a parent will leave no stone unturned to please the child. What a monster the parent is creating. No wonder children run roughshod in schools, undisciplined. What do you think?

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