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QVC Viewers Spotted Something the Show’s Director Didn’t [VIDEO]



QVC was embarrassed when for a second time one of their models put more than their clothing on display.   Two models were showcasing underwear being sold on the shopping network when viewers began notifying the show that something was amiss.


Viewers were calling in informing the show that the model in white was displaying her nipples along with the bra. Needless to say the women were shocked while the men showed more appreciation for the wardrobe malfunction.  Not long ago, the QVC had another such incident.  There are pictures and videos of both events.

The model, seemingly unaware of the wardrobe malfunction, continued to twirl around showcasing the garment

'That's one way to get items sold,' said one viewer who spotted the malfunction on YouTube

Due to the tightness of the bra, the nude hue and some glaring lighting, little was left to the imagination

The above sales segment on QVC has had over 280,000 views on YouTube

Sammi modelled a tight grey slip for the segment 

Must have been a little chilly on the stage.  I see the nipples are uneven.

Viewers called the model, pictured above, 'amazing'

One commenter on YouTube called the clip the 'best QVC vid I'd ever seen'

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