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Arabic Speaking Woman Overhears What Muslim Refugees Have Planned And It Will Chill You To The Bone

In 2015 an incident occurred that many didn’t hear about and that many are still not aware of. A train station in Budapest was laid siege to by Muslim ‘refugees’ and ticket-holding passengers were tormented with threats and insults. Most of the legit passengers couldn’t understand the Arabic language and as a result, was led to believe by media that the Muslims attacking the trains were simply displaced and in fear for their lives.


However, one European woman who happened to be on that train had lived many years in Arabic-speaking countries and understood the words and intentions of the Muslims perfectly well and what she heard was horrifying. She did interviews to tell the world the truth about the Muslim invasion of civilized countries and the intentions towards ‘infidels,’ but once again her words were overshadowed by pandering media and terrorist supporting governments.

Aida Bolevar, an Arabic-speaking Russian woman, rode the same train the media felt compelled to report on with sympathy – but she discovered a very different narrative. The Muslim refugees among whom she was traveling did not realize she understood Arabic and they spoke freely about the advantages of robbing and raping her. Luckily, she escaped that ordeal unharmed, but many Europeans have fallen victim to Muslim violence. Bolevar suggests people learn Arabic in order to better understand, and protect themselves from, the violent culture to which these refugees belong.

The narrative has to be turned from sympathy for their fake fear into the truth of what they truly want from western civilization and that is everything we have from our women, our belongings, to our lives. The whiney rhetoric that these people are peaceful and only want better lives is getting ridiculous when all the actual facts and evidence points to the exact opposite. They come to our countries literally by force and they leech the system while making demands against our laws and values, and they rape and murder our people.

Islam is a disgusting ideology and if anyone can watch these videos and still find sympathy for these Muslims then the problem is more concerning than before. They use and abuse their own children with absolutely no care in the world and don’t even blink twice to throw their babies literally to the wolves to save their own skin! Those type of actions are not wanted nor should they be allowed in civilized societies. If they are such peaceful people then why have their countries been at war for literally centuries?

The time has come to put our feet down collectively against the invasion of these people and protect our lands from the same fate as so many others. Not in America, not now, not ever! At what point do we take warnings to heart like the one in the above video and worry more about protecting our children and less about pandering to so-called refugees? Now, now is that point!

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