• September 24, 2023

Mother Finds Disturbing Letter To Son From Classmate

A mother in Las Vegas, Nevada, found a letter written to her 12-year-old son by a classmate that was so disturbing, she refuses to allow him to return to school.

Jennifer Beasley says Clark County School District officials aren’t doing enough to address the bullying behavior at Lied Middle School, which reached its peak when she discovered a violent, graphic letter that was written to her son by a female classmate, reports KTNV.

The letter reads: “I would stab you in your legs. Tie you up and pry out your teeth and make a necklace out of them. I should sew your mouth shut and drop bleach in your eyes. I will cut you open and separate your organs from your body and porous (sic). After that I will wash/drench your entire body with animal (cow and dog) feces and pour gasoline on you and set you on fire.”

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Beasley says this isn’t the first time her son has been bullied by this student and that she previously wrote to him that she wanted to duct tape him and stab him “until the blood ran out of his body.”

The young boy reportedly felt freaked out when he received the letter but hid it because he was afraid of what might happen if his parents found it. Beasley says she found the ripped-up letter in the garbage can.

“If I was an adult and I got a letter like that, I would have been freaked out,” she said.

Beasley explains what happened and her feelings about this incident in this video:

Clark County School District officials say they have a zero tolerance policy and released a statement about the incident that says in part:

The school was made aware of this situation and took action to address all students involved last week. School police also made contact with parents regarding this concern.

This situation has been handled at the school level, and appropriate action was taken in the best interest of students. Administrators are tasked with evaluating a situation and determining the best course of action for all students, which is not something they take lightly.

A spokeswoman from CCSD told 8 News Now it was handling the situation, but that, by law, it can’t disclose what officials plan to do.

Beasley says that isn’t good enough.

“I want something done. I want this girl to get some help. I want other parents to know this is happening,” she said. “I want him to feel safe when he goes to school. If I’m not there to protect him then, who is?”

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