• April 13, 2024

[READ] What The Looney Left Is Losing Their Marbles Over Now

Last Friday, Col. West spoke to East Texans for Liberty (ET4L) at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Gladewater. The theme of his remarks was liberty – and of course part of that is religious liberty.

We’ve written here on numerous occasions about the efforts of The Freedom From Religion Foundation to remove all instances of prayer or mention of God from schools and universities around the country. Col. West mentioned specifically his alma mater, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where the Foundation is trying to eliminate on-field prayers held before the school’s football games.

 Then he recalled his days playing football at Grady High School saying, “And even in high school, before every game at Grady Stadium, the pastor would come down and pray before every football game. I don’t remember catastrophic injuries. I don’t remember anyone getting carted off that field paralyzed.”

So of course this was dutifully recorded by a liberal tracker and picked up by a number of media outlets with a blazing headline something to the effect of “Allen West believes prayer can eliminate football injuries.”

Oh come ON people. Can’t you get a LIFE?

Listen, when we had prayer in schools, we didn’t have gun violence, “sexting,” widespread delinquent behavior and disrespect towards teachers either. Did prayer “prevent” those things?

Well, I can tell you one thing, a belief in God certainly did.

A belief in a higher power, a more perfect power towards which must always strive gives us our civil society, and the very foundation upon which this nation was built. Prayer is a way of acknowledging that power, and reminds of us the true and righteous path we must follow.

But oh yeah, to liberals, that’s all a load of Bible-thumping hooey. Except when THEY do it. Then it’s fine.

Remember how Tim Tebow regularly got shellacked for thanking God every time he scored? Like God cares about football?

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