• June 20, 2024

Refugee Arrested For Sex Trafficking Fifteen Year Old Girls


Edema Missiadan was arrested at a Super 8 motel in El Paso, Texas after an undercover FBI agent answered an ad he placed on Backpage.  Missiadan is a refugee from Ghana but a citizen of Togo in West Africa.  Missiadan told police he was an American citizen, which was a lie and then told the judge that he didn’t understand that he had been arrested, since he had committed no crimes.

Missiadan had been offering two fifteen year old girls as escorts, using the website, Backpage.  One girl was featured in at least 164 ads.  The two girls are believed to be from Phoenix, Arizona.  His brother,  Mawuli Missiadan, was arrested for a large number of charges pertained to child prostitution and drugs.  Missiadan has called for his brother’s release on his Facebook page, claiming he had been set up by a woman.

Classified: Missiadan allegedly had been using the site Backpage.com to offer escort services 

Backpage is used for solicitation of sex for cash.

Missiadan's Facebook page is filled with selfies and images of him holding fans of $100 bills and flashing what appears to be gang signsMissiadan seen in a selfie shared on his social media account

From The mail Online:

Edema addressed his brother’s arrest in a Facebook post in mid-June, calling for his release and claiming that he had been set up by a woman.

The younger brother’s social media account is filled with selfies and images of Missiadan holding fans of $100 bills and flashing what appears to be gang signs.

Backpage,com is the second-largest online classified ad service in the United States after Craigslist.

In March,the US Senate voted to hold Backpage.com in civil contempt for failing to comply with a congressional subpoena into how it screens ads for possible sex trafficking.

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