• August 11, 2022

Refugees Savagely Gang Rape Little Girl, Give Judge SICK Reason When He Asks Motive

A group of Serbian migrants in Germany who filmed themselves raping a 14-year-old girl appeared in court recently to tell their side of the story. The four immigrants are facing sexual abuse charges, while three of the four are charged with attempted murder because they left the girl to die.

The immigrants aged 14 to 21 took turns raping and prodding the teenage girl with various objects after getting her so drunk she passed out. The girl managed to film the entire scene on her cellphone

When the immigrant boys arrived at court, they relished the publicity. A German news outlet, NDR, reported that they waved and smiled like “pop stars” as they walked into the courtroom.

What is even more sickening is the excuse that the rapists gave to the judge. They told the court that the girl was “asking for it” and believed that she was to blame. They actually claimed that the sexual abuse that nearly killed the girl was all her fault!

The girl was left to die. After the immigrants had their way with her, they dragged her outside in below freezing temperatures while wearing only a blouse and underwear. She awoke several hours later and immediately screamed for help. Neighbors to the residence called police and she was taken to a local hospital.

Even though the girl could barely remember the events that nearly took her life, she still managed to video the entire incident with her cell phone. She suffered severe injuries from the attack including “life-threatening” hypothermia, according to the Daily Mail.

The rape problem in Germany is a growing issue as more and more of these types of crimes are happening. The perpetrators are usually let off with minimal punishment and are being released from custody with probation or other insignificant sentences and are running back out on the streets to re-offend. The media is just as complicit as they either bury the stories under less important news or fail to report on the crimes altogether.

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