• December 11, 2023

Republicans Are Recruiting Observers To Monitor Rigging Of Election

If you think that there is no possibility of voter fraud in the upcoming election, you are naive or a democrat. People have been known to vote for democrats from the grave. In some instances in the last election, whole districts have voted 100% democrat. so if you do not think illegals, migrants are getting the right to vote republican you are vastly mistaken. So Donald Trump, who always seems to be a step ahead of Hillary, will find a way to make sure the election is on the up and up, as best as possible.

According to Tea Party:

GOP nominee Donald Trump is actively recruiting supporters in order to form an army of ‘Election Observers’ to monitor polls on Election Day and ensure that voter fraud is prevented and exposed. A section has been added to Trump’s campaign website describing how supporters can get more information and  sign up to be a “volunteer Trump Election Observer.” Trump has specifically pointed to the fact that in the past fortnight, five courts in five states have ruled against voter ID and proof-of-citizenship laws. Trump said he is worried that the decisions will lead to widespread voter fraud.

Mr. Trump has a valid concern as all that wish no improprities. There has been speculation and acquisition since 2000 and the “Clinging chad”. This should not be in the United States, we are not a banana republic and should not act like one. The democrats have to be watched, they will try anything to keep power. What do you think?


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