• May 27, 2024

Rev. Peterson: ‘Antidote for Black Lives Matter’s message: Forgiveness’

Milwaukee BLM RiotsRev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of BOND, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man” and founder of The BOND Leadership Academy, a private school in Los Angeles stated that the only antidote for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) poisonous message is forgiveness.

Peterson wrote in his commentary on CNS News:

I rolled my eyes at the Milwaukee riots last week — blacks burning down businesses, looting stores, attacking police, beating up and shooting white people — all because a police officer killed a black man, Sylville Smith, who ran from police carrying a stolen gun. The black officer who killed Smith went into hiding due to threats on his life.

It’s the same tired, boring slander against whites and police to claim blacks suffer from any “racism.” Those crying “racism” actually commit the greatest injustices in America, and hurt blacks with their lies.

Black Lives Matter is a hate movement. They lionize black thugs. They falsely accuse and endanger innocent whites and police. They provoke riots, black-on-white assaults, and police assassinations. They poison the minds of blacks and gullible whites. They have no sense of justice or freedom. They are led by white anarchists, communists, black homosexuals and lesbians. They hate families and God — two things blacks need most.

The suffering of blacks has increased with Black Lives Matter’s rise.

There is one antidote: Forgiveness.

Only those that are lost attempt to justify their anger. God says to drop it. Anger is blindness and pure evil.

I forgave my mother and reconciled with my father 27 years ago, and although I face evil every day, I have perfect peace within. I started BOND 26 years ago, dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man.” Rebuilding men starts by telling them that, in order to have peace, they must forgive their failing mothers and fathers.

Milwaukee BLM Riots2

Through BOND, I counsel men, women and children. I speak in conferences, rallies, businesses, universities, churches, and detention centers. I’ve taught ethics and run the BOND Leadership Academy, a private K-12 school. I helped children who graduated from our After School Character Building Program. We’ve run a Home for Young Men for over 20 years, teaching independence, work and discipline.

Black men (and whites) around the country are waking up, turning themselves around, and doing well in life for themselves and their families. The message of forgiveness touches people around the world through my radio show, TV show, and church services: I take calls, questions and comments, interview people, and deal with real issues.

The first thing is to tell the truth. I was taught and believed for 20 years starting at age 18, under Louis Farrakhan and black false preachers, that “racism” was real. When I woke up, I saw clearly that the hate was primarily black-on-white, not white-on-black. So I began saying that most blacks are racist against white people.

However, I began to see that “racism” is a false diagnosis: If you hate one person, you hate all people. Read more.

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