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REVEALED: Here Is The Map That EXPOSES Massive Liberal Hypocrisy On The Border

Sometimes all you need is one simple graphic to expose liberals as the hypocrites that they are


It is difficult to understand the liberal mentality. In their world, it is wrong for a US military member to reveal Classified information but it is fine for Hillary Clinton to do it. They also call Donald Trump a racist for suggesting that we build a border wall, though they applauded Bill Clinton with a standing ovation when he mentioned the same. Not one of these hypocrites questioned Hillary Clinton about her one-time support of a physical barrier on the border during the Presidential Debates of 2016. Even Barack Obama had stated support for such a physical barrier, but you don’t hear about it much in the media, do you?

Speaking of Obama and border walls, take a look at these spy photos of his new mansion that were just released:

Hypocritical, right?

The entire argument is filled with inconsistencies. Consider this map:


You did not hear much talk about the wall that exists on Mexico’s southern border during the Election, did you? The Mexican Government tries to manage immigration on their own southern border to prevent South American migrants from exploiting the system. Many of these migrants intend to pass through Mexico on their way to the United States.

Almost everyone desires for people to have opportunity to travel for work and to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. A border wall is simply a tool to help manage the process and prevent people from exploiting the system, or, even worse, sneaking into the country to commit crimes or acts of terrorism.

Bill Clinton said it. Hillary Clinton said it. Barack Obama said it.

Why is Trump such the only one who is a “racist?”


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