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Rex Tillerson to Eliminate Entire Divisions Created by Liberals at State Department

You might not believe this but the primary goal of the United States State Department is to improve relations between the United States and other countries.  Liberals have expanded that by creating entire divisions dedicated to such things as women’s issues.  Now, you tell me, what effect have we had on other countries?  None.  If they choose to denigrate and enslave women, we cannot negotiate them out of it.  We never have, so what are we getting for our money?  Rex Tillerson is said to be planning huge cuts at the State Department in environmental and cultural divisions.

Politico is reporting that career leeches at the State Department are worried about losing their jobs.  Amen, Brother.  If he follows through, and by all indications so far, he will, Rex Tillerson is about to become my hero.

“My sense is that Tillerson wants to go big.  In terms of streamlining, he seems to like straight lines, direct lines, clear hierarchies with a small number of people reporting to him.”

So far, Tillerson appears to be making good on that management style, as he’s declined to fill numerous roles under the deputy secretary for management position. Tillerson has also left numerous other leadership positions untouched.

Politico reports the atmosphere inside the department is “nervous.”

The Atlantic reported in March that many State Department employees are feeling pushed out of the decision-making circle, and so their once-busy schedules have trickled to a bare minimum.

Brett Schaefer, author of the 2016 report by the Heritage Foundation stated:

“Every administration makes changes, but I suspect there’s going to be a little bit more along the way of changes under this administration than in previous ones.”



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