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Richard Grenell FINALLY Says What We All Have Been Thinking, ““We Have A Shadow President”

The last few months, pretty much all of America has been wondering what in the fresh hell is happening in the country. For one, anyone with a brain cell can tell that Joe Biden is not in charge and now even some zombie Democrats are asking the same thing.

We are all asking, who is running this country?

Seriously, Biden can’t string two coherent sentences together, and they want us to believe that he is making moves? Suuureeeee.

When Biden was first to be “sworn in”, I honestly thought they would have killed him off and would install Kamala Harris, but that hasn’t happened, and it still hasn’t occurred. Now, former acting director of National Intelligence under President Trump, Richard Grenell has offered up an answer.

“We have a “Shadow President.”

Here’s the report, according to Fox News:

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of National Intelligence under President Trump, said in an interview with CPAC that he believes Susan Rice has assumed the role of a “shadow president.”

Rice, who served as national security adviser under President Obama, was tapped last December by President Biden to take charge of the White House Domestic Policy Council. It is in that role that Grenell believes she is exerting her influence.

Biden is too weak to stop the progressive left from taking over… [Vice President] Kamala [Harris] does not understand what’s going on…We have a shadow president in Susan Rice and no one is paying attention,” he said.

According to Grenell, Susan Rice, who has been appointed domestic policy advisor, is actually controlling US foreign policy. I am sure I have said this before in a previous article.
NewsMax published an excerpt of the CPAC Now interview:

“Susan Rice has been appointed as domestic policy adviser,” he said. “ That’s a joke. She doesn’t know anything about domestic policy.

“So, she’s a foreign policy expert that’s been placed in the domestic policy role. And that is just a clear signal that all of our international issues, our foreign policies, are going to be treated like domestic policy.

“This is a problem for the Democratic Party. The foreign policy mess that they are creating is a mess because they are placating the far-left domestically. It’s part of that cancel culture.

“They’re beating up on Israel because it pleases the far-left. They are trying to reach out to Iran and pretend like the Iranian regime should be respected because it pleases the far progressive left. This is the upsidedown world of the Biden administration. President (Joe) Biden is too weak to stop the progressive left from taking over the domestic and foreign policy. (Vice President) Kamala (Harris) does not understand what’s going on…

“And Susan Rice is really happy that Biden is so weak. We have a shadow president in Susan Rice and no one is paying attention.”

Most of us remember Susan Rice from the Obama administration and more specifically for spreading misinformation about the reason for the Benghazi attacks.

According to an August 2020 report in the Independent:

The foreign policy expert was nominated as the ambassador of the United Nations by President Barack Obama, a nomination the Senate at the time unanimously confirmed.

But her time as ambassador of the United Nations – from 2009 to 2013 – and then later national security adviser to Mr Obama, until 2017, has been called into question by Republicans – specifically her role in the Benghazi attacks.

US posts in Benghazi, Libya, were attacked in September 2012, resulting in the deaths of four US citizens, including Ambassador J Christopher Stevens.

Following the attack, which was coordinated by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia, Ms Rice made multiple television interviews stating the attack was “spontaneously inspired” by violent protests in Cairo, Egypt. Ms Rice later said she made that statement based on American intelligence at the time.

A string of accusations followed Ms Rice after Benghazi, leading her to remove herself from consideration to succeed Clinton as secretary of state. But it still encouraged Mr Obama to appoint her as his national security adviser.

During her time in the White House, Ms Rice formed a strong working relationship with then-Vice President Joe Biden, who she said would often stop by her office to discuss topics ranging from foreign policy to personal matters.

This seems completely plausible considering that Biden literally has no idea where he is most of the time and Rice was a longtime friend and confidant of Barack Obama. I am sure that there are more people who are pulling the Biden strings, but she is for sure one of the main peeps calling the shots.

A puppet that has so many strings being pulled by different people is going to get torn apart.

Let’s hope it happens before he tears this country apart with him.

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