• September 30, 2022

Right Wing Christian Faces Backlash After Comparison Made Between Her And Terrorist

A blogger has been facing backlash for posting photos of herself online. The right wing conservative Christian is shocked and offended by a comparison made between herself and a Muslim terrorist.

Holly Fisher, a blogger tweeted a photo of herself a while back after the Supreme Court ruled that employers with religious beliefs could refrain from providing employees with certain types of birth control. The photo featured her standing in front of Hobby Lobby with a pro-life t-shirt on while holding a cup from Chik-fil-A.

“ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode,” Fisher tweeted with the photo.

The blogger was slammed for the photo, which was deemed controversial by liberals. Some commented sarcastically that all that was missing was her flag, Bible, and gun.

In response to the backlash, Fisher tweeted another photo of herself standing in front of the American flag with an AR-15 assault rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other. “I’m holding my First and Second Amendment rights in my hands,” she said to Fox News. “And it all represents freedom.”

Someone put Fisher’s photo next to a photo of Sherafiyah Lewthwaite, an Islamic terrorist, holding a gun and a Koran. Written across the top of the two photos is a caption that reads, “Explain the difference.”

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