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ROFL…DNC Announces Racist Plan For Security at National Convention



The DNC has announced it has a racist plan for providing security for their national convention.  They are going to build an unscalable fence around their convention site.  I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that no one will get in unless they can provide proof of identification.  Although they haven’t set the exact perimeters of the fence around the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live! will be, the Secret Service has confirmed that such a fence will be built.  The same party that endorses the riots at Trump rallies want to ensure that none of those protesters can reach their candidates and attendees.


Special Agent James Henry told

Henry cautioned that the DNC is very different from the papal visit last September. 

“This is not the papal visit. This is much smaller in scope and much smaller in scale. So the security footprint is going to be much smaller,” Henry said. “The impacts are really minimal. We’re fortunate the sports complex is more isolated, certainly than the papal visit in Center City.”

He noted that parts of South Broad Street, Pattison Avenue, and North 11th Street surrounding the Sports Complex will be intermittently closed during the DNC, and that ramps to and from Interstate 95 will close as well.

SA henry was the 2nd in command during the Pope’s visit.  He says that no information on areas designated for protesters have been finalized yet, including the size and location of those areas.  Pro Sanders supporters have applied for and received permits to protest in FDR Park and they are anticipating 30,000 people.  The park is outside the security perimeter  and thus would not be under the control of the Secret Service, but I’m predicting that if they decide the crowd will be as large as the estimates claim, the DNC will force the Secret Service to expand the perimeter in an effort to spare Clinton the embarrassment of a large scale protest.

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