• April 15, 2024

Ronda Rousey Just Destroyed Floyd Mayweather And It Is EPIC

Never one to let go of a meme, the UFC is still stoking the fires of the could Ronda Rousey beat Floyd Mayweather conversation. Starting way back in April of 2014, when Joe Rogan appeared on SportsNation and fielded the question, the UFC has never since been able to quite tear itself away from the narrative of Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather. In part that’s down to the athletes themselves. Mayweather has been slowly goaded into playing along, starting with his claims that he didn’t even know who Ronda Rousey was and getting to the point now, where he’s challenging Rousey to prove she can make as much money as he has.

Rousey, for her part, has always been a willing participant in the conversation. And she took a hard dig at the boxing champion with her recent acceptance of the ESPY award for Fighter of the Year, making note of his history of domestic violence in the process. But, sometimes the UFC just wants to stir the pot a little for their own sake, as they recently did over Twitter:

Just in case anyone thought it would ever end, ever.

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