• November 30, 2023

Rude “Entitled” Subway Rider Suffers From Instant Karma [VIDEO]

It never ceases to amaze me how people driving in a car or walking down the street act as if saving 2 to 3 seconds is worth making a total ass of yourself.  Obviously many people don’t agree with me.  Recently, a woman who feels she is entitled to do whatever she wants to was pushing and shoving her way towards the subway.  A man was exiting the subway and this lout jumped into the same turnstile and pushed the man backward.  He retaliated by tripping the woman causing her to face plant into the concrete floor.

In the short clip, you’ll see the man in the tan shirt trying to exit the station. But as he begins to walk through the turnstile, the large woman bashes her way into him and forces him backward.

Because she was rude to the man in the tan t-shirt, he decides to get some revenge on her. He sticks out his foot and trips the woman. The passive-aggressive move did a lot more damage than he accounted for as she fell on her face among the busy rush of commuters.

After the other passengers realized that he tripped the rude customer, they come to her aid and help her up. Then they start talking and the man apologizes to her. But she got what she deserved. She should have been patient and allowed the man out of the train station.

Millions have watched the clip and thousands have shared their thoughts. Below are some of the most popular comments:

“He pulled off that trip smoothly.  That was awesome,” wrote Copypasta King.

“The real victim here is the pavement that she fell onto,” wrote Jason Luong.


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