• May 26, 2022

Ruh Roh, Hillary…Huma Lawyers Negotiating With FBI



I had a liberal acquaintance tell me that just because she is negotiating with the FBI, she isn’t turning on Hillary.  So I asked her, “Have you ever heard of anyone getting lenient treatment for giving up lower level felons?”  CNN announced the negotiations yesterday as they plot to toss Huma under the bus.

The Justice Department and the FBI are in discussions with lawyers for Huma Abedin to conduct a full search of new emails discovered on her husband’s computer that turned up during another investigation, CNN reported Sunday.

Investigators believe it’s likely the newly recovered trove will include emails that were deleted from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s server before the FBI took possession of it as part of an earlier investigation that many thought had concluded in July, CNN reported.

Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s husband, AKA Carlos Danger, has already began cooperating with the FBI, presumably to receive lighter treatment.  Abedin is especially vulnerable since she swore under oath that she had turned in all of her devices that contained State Department emails.  The FBI believes that at least some of the emails are ones that Hillary deleted before turning her server over to the FBI.  My guess is she wants a deal in place before Trump is elected and she could face far worse.

If Hillary loses this election, she lost it in 2013.  That’s when the Weiner scandal broke.  Hillary told Huma to either leave Weiner or leave her campaign.  She backtracked a couple of days later.

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