• June 13, 2024

Saggy Pants Made ILLEGAL in Louisiana Town

An ordinance was unanimously passed by Louisiana’s Jefferson Davis Parish — and Al Sharpton is not going to like it.

They just voted to make it illegal for any person to appear in a public pants wearing saggy pants.

To qualify as “saggy pants,” the pants must fall below the wearer’s waist and expose skin or underwear. The Associated Press reported:

Police Juror Steve Eastman initially asked the panel to consider banning saggy pants at the parish courthouse in January in response to courthouse employees’ complaints about having to see people’s underwear and body parts.

Juror Bryon Buller took the suggestion a step further and asked the panel to consider making it illegal for anyone to show their undergarments in public to limit indecent and lewd behavior.

The ordinance was officially approved on Wednesday. Any violation of the ordinance will result in a $50 or $100 fine.

But I am sure that the RED ALERT is blasting over at Al Sharpton’s headquarters tonight, with an Obama “investigation” sure to follow. So stay tuned.

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Found at Top Right News 

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