• May 31, 2023

Santa Gets Sacked For Putting Hillary On the “Naughty List.”

A little girl sat on a mall Santa’s lap and he told her that she was on his “nice” list in Florida.  Santa then went on to say that Hillary, was on his “naughty” list.  The little girl’s mother complained to the mall officials and Old St. Nick was shit canned and sent for extra training on how not to upset all of the crybaby Hillary supporters.

News 6 found out that the company is The Noerr Program, Inc. They provide Santas to shopping malls all around the country. A company representative said that the Chris Kringle in question said he thought it was a joke. However, when the mom complained, they physically made him leave the mall floor.

The spokesman for the company, Charlie Russell said that they apologized to the family of the girl.

He also said that the Bad Santa in question was required to attend counseling with human resources. When he was asked if Santa would be return, the representative said, ” I don’t know.”

Do you think that if he had said The Don was on his “naughty” list, he wouldn’t have to go to “counseling in human resources?”

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