• July 3, 2022

Savvy Professor B***h Slaps Snowflake Student


I’m almost 61 years old and I have seen more than my share of terrible campaign losses.  Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton twice, Barack Obama twice and Hillary Clinton almost once.  If this snowflake is so fragile that he needs nearly three weeks to get over an election, he should leave school and move into the woods someplace extremely secluded and stay there because he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving life.  Evidently, his professor agrees with me.

Turns out… the results of no less than a free and fair, uncontested election got the student down, making it impossible for him to meet the deadline for class.

The election of Donald Trump, who the student termed, “the most evil hateful person to ever run for president” in a message for his professor, was “very” upsetting and would require, “time to process it all and get centered.”

The student didn’t define what that process would entail – possibly requiring the university to provide puppies for petting, Play-Doh and hot cocoa or aromatherapy – or the length of time the “centering” might take, but presumably it would take up so much of the student’s time that the assignment would just have to wait.


The US Herald:

The insensitive and unsympathetic educator is sharply critical of college administrators and professors who are rushing to shield students – all of whom are old enough to marry, enlist, sign a contract to buy a car or purchase a house, donate blood and their organs – from the unpleasant experience of disappointment with the results of last week’s election.

“Students need to realize that we live in a republic – that means that the person you voted for doesn’t always win, but you have to just deal with it. Throwing a tantrum or becoming a basket case when life doesn’t go your way is not how adults behave,” she said.

She also takes the long view, worrying how students like these will far in the “real world”  full of “difficult bosses, challenging projects and personal setbacks.”

“We are raising a generation of crybabies who can’t handle life and if they don’t get it together I’m very worried for the future of this country.”

She’s right – professors and administrators who don’t give their students the tools to meet the demands of adult life aren’t readying them for life after graduation.

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