• June 28, 2022

Scott’s Family Watches Videos of His Death, Issue “No Comment”


Before watching the video of the death of Keith Scott, his family denied that he owned a gun or ever carried a gun.  His brother claimed he had a book and his daughter incited BLM by claiming her father had nothing in his hands, although she wasn’t there at the time.  But late on Thursday, the family were allowed to view all the videos at all the angles as many times as they wished.  After exiting the courthouse the family and their lawyer refused to comment.  They must be trying to figure out how to spin what they saw.

You can’t blame them.  They see dollar signs and after Ferguson settled with the family of the Gentle Thug Michael Brown before it was even established that Officer Darren Wilson had done no wrong, they have to believe the liberal mayor of Charlotte will hand them the keys to the city’s treasury.  But if the videos didn’t show what the police said it showed, they wouldn’t have invited the family in and if Scott had no gun, you can bet your sweet patoot the lawyer would have been trying his case through the press after the viewing.

From ABC:

Lawyer Justin Bamberg tells television crews he would not detail what they saw. Bamberg says: “There are some things to digest.”

Members of Keith Scott’s family didn’t talk to reporters as they quickly left Charlotte’s police headquarters Thursday afternoon.

Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney said earlier Thursday he won’t release the body and dashboard camera video while the criminal investigation into Tuesday’s shooting continues.

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