• June 27, 2022

Security Boosted at Thanksgiving Parade Due To ISIS Threats

Police are heightening security for the Thanksgiving day parade route, because a recent article in an ISIS propaganda magazine called the U.S nationally televised event an “excellent target.”

The same article talked about an attack that could be similar to the one in Nice, France, on July 14, when a terrorist drove a large truck through a crowd, killing 86 people and injuring hundreds more.

This attack inspired a Brooklyn father of three who was arrested by the FBI after talking about attacking Times Square, authorities say.

Mohamed Rafik Naji, 37, faces charges of providing material support for terrorism, according to court documents and law enforcement officials. The Yemen-born Brooklyn resident was arrested Monday.

The NYPD has boosted security along the parade route in light of the ISIS article and the arrest of Naji.

Eighty-one sanitation trucks, previously parked outside of Trump Tower to protect the president-elect, will line the parade route from 77th Street on the Upper West Side, to 34th Street in midtown, where the parade ends. The trucks will also block certain intersections bordering the festivities.

During the parade, thousands of police officers will watch the route, along with police dogs that are trained to search for chemical weapons. 

Despite the threats, New Yorkers and visitors to the city said that they have confidence in law enforcement to protect them.



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