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See Why This Leftist Scumbag Was Booted From CPAC [VIDEO]

The Left have certainly found their sticking point on Trump, and it’s Russia. To think that the only thing they believe to have merit against President Trump is something where no evidence was ever brought forward.


There is no evidence that the Russian government was involved in hacking the election. And we recently discovered that Barack Obama hacked state election systems before and on election day 2016,  one of them being Mike Pence’s Indiana when he was still the governor. We heard not a peep from the progressive left over this.

Barack Obama also interfered with Israeli elections trying to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the strongest ally of the United States, and again, not a peep heard from the leftward land of silliness.

There is evidence, however, that Hillary Clinton sold Russia 20% of our uranium stores to make a profit in the millions while she was Secretary of State and no one on the left ever wants to talk about that.

So, let them go crazy and expose themselves for the nut jobs they really are.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

A man named Ryan Clayton was thrown out of CPAC for handing out Russian flags with ‘Trump’ written on them. Ryan Clayton is a leftist who is a part of Bob Creamer’s group ‘Americans Taking Action’. Bob Creamer is a provocateur who was busted by Project Veritas in a series of undercover videos. Creamer used ‘bird dogging’ to incite violence at Donald Trump’s rallies.


Video of Clayton being removed from CPAC:

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