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See Why This Picture Of These Officers Has Gone Viral…#Blue Lives Matter



This is a message from Brittany, the officer on the left from the featured image above…

From LittleThings:

“All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers. But there is more. We are husband and wife, parents to four beautiful girls, we are a son and a daughter, a Brother and sister, a grandson and granddaughter, a Niece and nephew. (Steven is also an army veteran). We are friends to many.”

“Before you say hateful things and put all officers in a category….remember we are all individuals attached to a delicate thin blue line. We are attacked daily and getting killed just for putting on a badge. You voice your opinion, and rally against law enforcement over tickets!! We are risking our lives.”

Think before you speak. Your words could promote deadly actions.

WE BLEED BLUE! All lives matter”

Police officers get a bad rap from the mainstream media and Congress due to their liberal policies, but that’s just not the case 99.9% of the time. Most cops are great people who aim to keep our communities safe.

These two officers have a great story to tell, and that’s what the nation should be focusing on.


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