Selena’s New Look Almost Reveals Too Much

Recently while in Paris, the always closely watched Selena Gomez, and for good reason, suffered a major wardrobe malfunction. But was the malfunction an accident, or was it a carefully designed attempt to gain some free publicity? Maybe she should have stuck with the bright red jumpsuit that she wore on the trip across the big pond, but then we would not have these great images of the super sexy brunette would we?


Justin Bieber’s on again, off again girlfriend showed up at a fashion show in Paris, France in a black dress with an amazing plunging neckline, that also appeared to be split just a little too high for the leggy but short 23-year-old singer. But regardless, her outfit definitely did not disappoint either her fans or the assembled photographers. Selena was showing off some serious skin in the ensemble and the plunging neckline was a definite attention getter.


As for the split skirt, well that was just icing on the cake so to speak. The outfit was a far cry from the short sleeved tops and jeans that she is frequently seen wearing around southern California. It’s funny to look cool sometimes,” she captioned a paparazzi shot on Instagram.


But the leggy look may have revealed a little more skin than expected, as Selena suffered a major outfit malfunction when she flashed her underwear on the way to her car. As much as she was feeling her look, though, we’re sure she paid it no mind. And as they say in Hollywood, “any publicity is good publicity.”

Earlier in the day, Selena opted for a different plunging neckline, stepping out from her hotel in a risque black top and jean miniskirt. If her Instagram is any indication, all she wants you to know is that she has legs that go all the way from her ankles to the top of the split in her skirt, almost.


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