• June 26, 2022

Sen Grassley Claims Trump Will Get to Appoint New SC Justice This Year

Sen Grassley has spoken what has been a rumor about the Supreme Court for some time now, that one of the Justices is wanting to quit the court and enjoy the rest of his life in the private sector.  Justice Anthony Kennedy, a swing vote on the court has given out plenty of hints that he wants out and Trump’s appointment of Justice Gorsuch shows that Trump will appoint serious justices to the court and not activists like Sotomayer and Kagan.

 Consider this one of the worst-kept secrets in a place known for being worst at keeping secrets. Senate Judiciary chair Chuck Grassley made it a little more public on Tuesday at an event in Muscatine, Iowa. Grassley told the audience at Kent Corporation that he expects to get the gang back together again this summer to consider a new nominee for the Supreme Court following a resignation”

During a visit to Muscatine Tuesday morning, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he expects a Supreme Court Justice resignation within the year.

“I would expect a resignation this summer,” he said.
Gee, whomever could he mean? For the past few weeks, rumors have swirled around Washington that swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy wants to hang up his robe and ride off into the sunset. He hasn’t interviewed prospective clerks for the next session, and has moved up his traditional five-year summer reunions for past clerks up a year. The New York Times speculated at the end of January that Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch was intended in part to signal to Kennedy that Trump would replace him with a serious jurist.

So yes, people have been reading these tea leaves for a while, but it’s one thing to read tea leaves. It’s another entirely when the Senate Judiciary chair tells you to keep your calendar open. ABC’s Jon Karl noticed the “hint in a small Iowa newspaper” this morning.

With the nuclear option now in force, President Trump can get anyone he wants and I suspect the next nominee will come from the campaign list that included Neil Gorsuch.

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