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Sex Offender Follows Small Girls Into Public Bathroom


A man who was registered as a sex offender just a couple of weeks ago was arrested for peeking at little girls in park bathroom.  The girls were at the park as part of a school field trip.  Witnesses say that Kenneth Tincher, 62, was seen hanging out near the entrance of the bathroom for a couple of hours and at one point actually went inside with a few of the girls.  The location was at Rotary Park in Placerville, California.

Tincher fled from the park before the police arrived, but they were able to find him as he was loitering at another park in the area.  The man was only wearing a pair of pants and police found that he had been living out of his truck.  They believe he is a transient from Sacramento.  Once they were able to ascertain who the man was, they ran a check on him and found out he had been registered as a sex offender only two weeks before in Sacramento.

Tincher was arrested and charged with  annoying or molesting children as well as an additional charge for narcotics found in his position.

Placerville Police Chief Scott Heller said,

“This dangerous individual is in custody thanks to the watchful eye of parents at the park coupled with good old-fashioned police work.”

The scary part is with the Obama bathroom mandate, there will be many more of these incidents and will be harder to convict offenders who claim they identify as a woman.

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