• May 27, 2024

SEX SELLS: Fruit Market Spiking Peach Sales, By Dressing Them In Thongs

When sales are down, what do you do? Well this fruit market has gotten creative with their fruit and believe it or not, it is actually working.

Chinese entrepreneurs are well aware that “sex sells“; apparently that adage even applies to fruits.

A risque fruit shop in Qingdao is turning all the shoppers’ heads with its “peach panties.”


According to Qilu Evening News, the owner of the shop couldn’t help but notice the similarity of the sweet and fuzzy fruit to a woman’s behind.

He claims that all the undies are handsewn and he won’t tolerate any panty thieves. “The price of the peaches are on the label, panties cost extra,” he says.

Actually, he isn’t the first one to come up with this brilliant idea. Back in 2014, a Shanghai designer unveiled a line of “cheeky” peaches in lingerie for Chinese Valentine’s Day. While those panties may have looked classier, they also came at a price of 9 fruits for 498 yuan.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a more chaste fruit to eat, try Buddha-shaped pears.


[Images via Sina]