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SHOCKING: Parents Literally Crucify Their Boy, 10, For Not Doing Homework

A 10-year-old boy’s cruel parents decided it best to teach him a lesson by crucifying him in the middle of the street. The photo of the child, which went viral earlier this week on Chinese social media, shows him on his knees on a crate while tied up to a wooden cross on a street in Chongqing.



Kids, if you are reading this, please, stop, and finish your homework first. Please. Because one pair of Chinese parents literally crucified their son for not doing his.

A shocking photo, showing a young boy kneeling on a plastic crate in the street with his arms and back taped to a wooden cross began circulating on local WeChat groups in Chongqing earlier this week, causing a Chongqing Evening News reporter to investigate on Tuesday.

He found that the child’s parents owned a small fruit shop in Yongchuan District and arrived to ask some questions. The child’s father told the reporter that he was surprised by all the fuss that the photo had created, describing the crucifixion as nothing more than a joke that his wife had played on their son, claiming that the boy was only tied up for a few minutes. During that time a passersby had mistaken the “joke” for torture and snapped a photo which now was being blown out of proportion, the father said.

But a neighbor told the reporter that the boy’s parents were extremely strict and the mother had tied her son to the makeshift cross after she learned that he had not been doing his homework.

Later, the reporter found himself in the middle of a fierce argument between the neighbor and boy’s father, in which the father claimed that the neighbor had invaded his family’s privacy by snapping a photo of his son on the cross, and threatened to sue.

It’s not clear if the incident is being investigated by police, or if the parents will perhaps receive any verbal warnings.

Recently, parents in central China seem to be taking an extreme interest in their children’s education. This week a video went viral on Chinese social media featuring a Sichuan dad dangling his terrified son over a river while giving him a math test after he too had not been doing his homework.


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