• December 11, 2023

REPORT: Dallas Shooter Observed Conducting Military Training Exercises Before Shooting

Micah X. Johnson, the 25-year-old black Army veteran who killed five Dallas police officers, may have been making himself fit for combat in preparation for the attack, according to a report.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Johnson was spotted by one neighboring family and they described seeing him conduct what they believed to be military training exercises in his suburban Dallas yard leading up to the shooting.

The report appeared to corroborate comments Johnson made to police that he had been training for the deadly ambush.

Friends and acquaintances told the paper that Johnson was obsessed with heavy-duty weapons and had an interest in the military that dated at least to his senior year in high school where he participated in JROTC, the high reserve officer training program.

Johnson donned a protective vest and used a military-style semi-automatic rifle in the sniper slayings Thursday. He shot 14 people, including 12 officers, at the end of an anti-police protest in downtown Dallas.

Full Story @ Fox News

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