• May 17, 2022

[SICK] Woman Says Best Time of Her Life Was Helping Man Rape His 2 Young Children


In what has to be one of the sickest stories I have ever heard, a man sexually abused his two young children and would chain them up and slam their fingers in doors while his wife, their stepmother would help him.  She told a doctor it was the best time of her life.  The doctor thinks she was being sarcastic, but who knows?  Liberals have stretched the bounds of decency so far it’s hard to see the dividing line.  She has been found guilty of false imprisonment while her husband was convicted of guilty of multiple rape and assault offences over the horrific abuse.

The woman was found to be unrepentant.  The judge says that being the case, he doesn’t think he can show her any leniency in sentencing.

“I can’t have any confidence in any prospects of rehabilitation or suggestion of remorse, particularly in light of what she has said. Sarcastic or not.”

From The Mail Online:

The court previously heard the children, a boy and a girl, had suffered devastating and lasting consequences as a result of their treatment.

Prosecutor Amelia Cairney said the stepmother needed to be jailed for the safety of the community.

The pair, who cannot be named, will be sentenced on December 6. 



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