• June 20, 2024

Sickening Facts Arise About Woman Who Used 5-Year-Old Son As Human Shield During Police Standoff

As the BLM community get ready to riot in the wake of another black person being shot by police, disturbing new information has surfaced about 23-year-old Korryn Gaines, the young woman who was killed in a standoff after police raided her home in Randallstown, Maryland on Monday.

Korryn Gaines

After refusing to appear in court on several outstanding warrants to include charges of disorderly conduct, numerous traffic violations and resisting arrest, police obtained a key from her landlord, where they entered her apartment in an attempt serve her an arrest warrant. Upon entering, police saw Gaines seated on the floor holding a 5-year-old in her arms, pointing a gun in the direction of the officers. She told police if they didn’t leave, “she was going to kill them.” A SWAT team was then called to the home, where an hours-long negotiation then ensued between Gaines and the officers, according to the Baltimore County police chief.

From there, the details surrounding the incident are unclear, as we only know the initial reports that police have released on the incident. Police say Gaines barricaded herself inside the apartment with a shotgun, as police tried for hours to talk her down. After Gaines repeatedly threatened police by aiming a gun and threatening to kill them, authorities were at some point forced to use lethal force to defend themselves, killing Gaines. It’s unclear where the child was at that exact moment of the firefight, but he was reportedly caught up in the crossfire and suffered a bullet wound, but is expected to survive.

As the nation tries to make sense of the tragedy, disturbing videos  Gaines’ social media accounts are beginning to surface, that paint a very troubling picture of the young woman. It’s becoming clear that this woman purposefully escalated the encounter with police in order to go out as a martyr for the Black Lives Matter movement. The young woman shot two videos from inside her house as she waited for officers to arrive, where she can be heard asking her 5-year-old what police were doing at their house. Gaines had obviously had been indoctrinating her son quite a while, because the tiny child responds to his mother: “They’re trying to kill us.”

Gaines: “Who’s outside?

 He responds, “The police.”

Gaines: “And what are they trying to do?”

He responds: “They trying to kill us.”

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