• May 27, 2024

Sixty Five Year Old Man Arrested for Raping His Goat


Freddie Wadsworth, 65 of Douglasville, Georgia has been arrested after neighbors spotted him having sex with one of his goats in broad daylight.  He was charged with indecent exposure because the law has no specific charge relating to man goat love.  There were at least two witnesses to the encounter.  Police were notified and they placed Wadsworth under arrest.  He is currently facing one to five years in prison if convicted.

The two witnesses live directly across the street from Wadsworth and one of them called the police after witnessing what he had done .  Police say the goat was female and white in color.

From The Mail Online:

The incident was initially logged as an indecent exposure call since there is no police code for man-goat interactions.

Wadsworth was allegedly spotted having sex with the animal on his own property in broad daylight. ‘He has a lot of goats,’ Henson said.

After being booked into the county jail on a bestiality charge, he is now free on $1300 bond and faces between one and five years in prison if convicted. 


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