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Former Pro NBA Flabbergasted at Dunking Skills of 6’1″ Audience Member

The highlight of the annual NBA All Star game is not the game itself but the dunking contest.  Many people will watch the dunks but not the game, including me.  Men against gravity, the ultimate test.  The NBA puts on exhibitions that includes retired players.  During these exhibitions, they pull ordinary people from the audience and give them a chance to dunk the ball.  They picked one guy from the audience who was only 6’1″ and they didn’t believe he could reach the rim to dunk.  They were mistaken.


The NBA loves to do exhibitions and invite some of the past legends. But even they never expected a skinny guy in a ball cap and sunglasses, to give the slam dunk show of the ages, but that’s exactly what happened. Former NBA star Gary Payton didn’t even think the guy would be able to dunk at all but was he ever wrong as the man took off his sunglasses and hat and grabbed the ball out of Payton’s hand in mid-air, did a windmill, and slammed it.

Little did they know but the guy they picked was Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon and he’s famous for his insane dunk videos on Youtube. And that night, he pulled off more trick dunks than anyone expected.


Dunk NBA - Featured 4

Dunk NBA - Featured 8

From Inspire More:

He was doing 180 dunks, windmills, and even jumping over one person’s head — then two people’s heads — then four people’s heads!

The “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” lit up the arena. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an incredible dunker since the likes of Vince Carter.

Kilganon has an amazing talent that you have to see to believe.

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