Sleepy Joe Have Proved Himself To Be The LIAR IN CHIEF!

If Joe Biden told me that I live in a house that has a front door, I would walk to the front of my house and start looking for the door just to make sure.

I cannot say that I really believe anything the guy says because he is definitely not practicing what he preaches. The first week or so of his time in office has been a showing of how he will tell someone to do something in one breath then walk out and do the exact opposite the next.

It is maddening because the people that voted for him are the ones that were talking about how much of a liar that they thought Donald Trump was. In truth, it was Biden that was the one telling all of the lies.

In a move that has conservatives feeling relieved, Joe Biden has walked back another promise he made during the campaign. According to NBC News, the White House is likely to delay a string of executive orders related to immigration.

The Biden administration has already surpassed all of its predecessors on the number of executive orders signed in the first days in office. According to WUSA9, Biden signed a total of 22 executive orders in his first week, compared to President Trump, who only signed four.

The string of planned executive orders on immigration includes the creation of a task force to reunite illegal immigrant families who were separated at the border, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. This may be more difficult than Democrats think, as many of these children were separated from the people they entered the country with due to concerns of trafficking.

Biden is already proving himself to be a liar, and letting down his base. During his campaign, he ran ads promising to establish this task force “on his first day as president.” Clearly, that didn’t happen.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain released a memo outlining early executive actions, which stated that the Biden administration would “start the difficult but critical work of reuniting families separated at the border.”

Conservatives say they have no problem with reuniting actual families that were separated at the border, as long as they are reunited for a trip back to the country they illegally immigrated from.

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