• June 19, 2024

Soldier Joins Homeless Man On Side Of The Road In This Heartwarming [PHOTO]

One simple act of kindness goes a long way. That is at least the case for this soldier who took the time to stop his car and go talk to a homeless man who was on the side of a highway ramp. It was all witnessed by a woman who took photos of the two men and decided to post them online to remind people to treat each other with kindness.

According to KIBW.com,

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A soldier’s act of kindness toward a homeless man caught the eye of one Topeka woman – and she believes it’s something the world should see.

Tammra Bose tells 13 NEWS she was stopped at the stoplight on Wanamaker Rd. at I-470 late Friday afternoon when she saw a car pull over on the ramp. She says a man in military fatigues got out of the vehicle and walked over to a homeless man who was sitting alongside the ramp, his possessions piled up around him.

Bose says the soldier sat down and started speaking with the man.


“I would love for the world to see this picture because it is worth more than a thousand words. It is so heartwarming,” Bose told 13 NEWS. “I thought it was nice of the soldier to get out of his car and go talk to the man.”

Bose has shared the photos on various Facebook sites, saying she wanted to thank the soldier for the reminder to treat others with kindness.

This military man is a great example for others to follow with his non-judgmental ways and kind heart. If only we could hear the conversation and what this soldier had to say to the homeless man. No doubt he had some encouraging words for the man in need. This photo is a great reminder to be kind to each other and treat others as equals, no matter what you have or where you come from.

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