• November 28, 2022

Soros Backed St Louis DA Bans 28 Police Officers From Testifying

Kim Gardner, the unhinged prosecutor who was put into office with George Soro’s money is now banning 28 officers from testifying in court. She will not tell anyone why they are banned and if her list ever comes out,not only could they be harmed but their reputations will be ruined and you can’t defend yourself if you don’t know what you are accused of. You husbands know exactly what I mean. Totell you what people in her own party think of her, when she was hired, two dozen lawyers and 1/3 of their trial lawyers quit, And that office is filled with Democrats.

KMOV reported:

Gardner called it an “exclusion list.”

“Their reputation is being attacked by a prosecutor who doesn’t have a very good reputation herself,” said Jeff Roorda from the St. Louis Police Officers Association.

News 4 learned the Circuit Attorney’s office has been holding meetings with police department leaders over concern about the honesty of some officers.

The police department has informed the officers included on the list but the police union says they’re left in the dark.

“Demanding that an explanation be given to the police department and these officers as to how their name ended up on this list and how they get off this list,” said Roorda.

Roorda says if the list gets out it could ruin an officer’s reputation.

Critics of Gardner’s list say it could encourage criminals.

Former prosecutor Kristi Flint told News 4 she’s never heard of something similar to this list and believes it could lead to libel lawsuits.

And consider this. Those 28 officers cannot make arrests. One, because they cannot testify in court, and if they do have enough other evidence, the defense lawyers will call them as a witness to show that the city does not find the police officers to be credible.

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