If You Like Spiders, You’re Going To Love This Video

I know there are some of you out there that find spiders fascinating, and others that find them just down-right spooky. But like them or loath them, here is a video that will make you shiver even if it is a 100 degrees. Most people find the idea of walking around in a dark room kind of uncomfortable, but if you add in the fact that there are at least a hundred baby spiders running around on the ceiling above you it can be down right freaky.


Well for one man, Noel Parminter, that thought is the farist think from his thoughts. Noel is a Termite inspector in Brisbane, Australia, a place that is noted for some of the deadliest spiders in the world. They even have one that gets so big, it attacks and kills birds for dinner. But Noel is a man among men and he has learned to love the little critters and is fascinated by them.


In fact, while performing a termite inspection recently, he came across what for most of us would be fodder for a great nightmare. Noel came across the amazing nest during a routine inspection. He was so intrigued by the nest that he even managed to take a video of it and posted it with a disclaimer that reads: “If spiders make you squeamish, don’t press have been warned!!”

The nest of recently hatched Huntsmans spiders was found in the roof of a house by Parminter, who calmly filmed the babies and their mother. A mother that I might add was 20cm (about 7 inches) in diameter, or as Noel put it, a “lovely specimen”.

“They look more fierce than they are… Those spiders can be beneficial in the insect world because they keep the population down,” he said, adding that the spiders aren’t overly venomous to humans and are basically, non-aggressive. Parminter claimed the homeowners also weren’t too bothered by the spiders and were happy to leave them be.

Now, frankly, if it was my house, there would either have been a “For Sale” sign in the front yard that evening, or several fire trucks pumping water on the blaze. But Parminter dismisses such hysteria, saying that if you have such an infestation, just call him. A truly better man than I.


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