• April 20, 2024

What was spray painted on this Memorial in South Carolina on the First day of Black History month has people upset

Vandalizes School In South Carolina On First Day Of Black History Month

Students at a South Carolina high school spent the first day of Black History Month dealing with the wrath of the KKK.

Administrators at South Pointe High School in Rock Hill reportedly told Raw Story that their campus had been vandalized with the racial slur, “Happy N****r Month” and then signed, “KKK” in spray paint and that this discovery was made the first morning of Black History Month.

The person or people responsible for the graffiti were reportedly so proud of their actions that they took a photo of the rock and posted it on social media, where it has quickly gone viral.

“It was discovered yesterday morning, and since then, it’s been eradicated,” a school staffer reportedly told Raw Story. “People are still calling because it was posted. Whoever did it, took a picture.”

It isn’t clear whether police have a suspect in mind at this time.

Source: Raw Story

Photo Credit: Andrew Kiel/Twitter, Shruti Muralidhar/Flickr

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