• November 29, 2022

State Dept Keeps Paying Kerry’s Daughter But She’s Never Completed a Contract


John Kerry’s daughter has never completed any contract she has taken on but the State Department keeps dumping money in her lap.  Liberals have always rewarded incompetence and corruption.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that Kerry’s daughter doesn’t have to succeed to get paid, after all John Kerry keeps getting paid.

From The Daily Caller:

Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s nonprofit – called Seed Global Health – pledged to send 90 volunteer doctors and nurses to between 10 and 14 Third World countries in 2016, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show. Instead, just over 70 volunteers were sent to only five countries.

Her group faced similar problems in earlier years, but that didn’t stop the Department of State from handing Seed another $6.4 million.

The Department of State has given Seed a total of more than $9 million since 2012, which was funneled through the Peace Corps, as TheDCNF previously reported. Kerry’s nonprofit began missing contractually-required targets almost from its outset.

Seed has never been penalized for failing to live up to their contracts.  In fact the amount of money they have received has grown.  They have to give her money as a reward for her failure because the Secretary of State job is already taken, so the options were small.

The contracts have been awarded by State Department-funded Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) – a program Kerry established himself and his daughter has not had to compete with other organizations because she receives no bid contracts from daddy funneled through the Peace Corps.  The Peace Corps kept decreasing the requirements but Kerry’s daughter couldn’t even complete the projects at the decidedly reduced numbers.

More From The Daily Caller:

The second failure also violated another part of the contract that ordered Seed “to scale up the program over successive years, expanding the number of volunteers, countries and health professionals involved.”

The Peace Corps reduced the contract’s annual recruitment requirements for Seed between 2012 and 2015, but it’s unclear exactly when or by how much. The corps also gave Seed an additional nearly $900,000 award for underestimated salary and travel expenses. Kerry began drawing a six-figure salary from Seed around the same time.

The Peace Corps awarded the group a contract extension in 2015, which included another $6.4 million award of Department of State money and additional reduced objectives.


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