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Staten Island Teacher Indoctrinates Students Against President Trump

Vincent Ungro, father of an eleven year old 6th grade girl blew his stack when he read the two final questions on his daughters vocabulary lesson.  Ungro went on to confront the teacher and he also wrote on the homework for the teacher to keep her political opinions to herself.


SI Live reported:

Did a Staten Island teacher cross the line by inserting sentences on President Donald Trump in a vocabulary sheet she assigned as homework?

At least one parent of a student in her class seems to think so.

Vincent Ungro, an Annadale father and unabashed Trump supporter, said he was angered when his 11-year-old daughter, a sixth-grader at Paulo Intermediate School (I.S. 75), came home with a vocabulary assignment containing sentences he believes were disparaging to the president and inappropriate for the classroom.

The vocabulary sheet, drawn up by English teacher Adria Zawatsky, gave students sentences and had them fill in the blanks, choosing from a list of words that would complete the sentence and make sense.


Here is the daughter’s work sheet:

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