• September 24, 2022

Steven Spielberg to Make Movie About World’s Most Successful Peeping Tom


Gerald Foos bought the  Manor House Motel for fun and profit.  He installed fake vents in about a dozen of the rooms.  He was able to go into the attic of the office and make his way to the fake rooms, where he thought there might be some action happening.  He would then write of what he saw into a diary.  He kept that practice up for twenty six years and was never caught.  In fact, no one would have ever known, but Foos gave his diaries to a famed writer and the film rights were snatched up by Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg has announced that the movie will be directed by award winning director, Sam Mendes.  No name has been given yet, but I suggest, “I’ll Be Seeing You” or maybe “Three’s a Crowd.”

Foos bought the motel for the sole purpose of feeding his voyeurism lifestyle.  He went right to work, cutting holes in the ceilings and installing false grates, through which he could peep at his guests.

From The Daily Mail:

In 1980, he wrote to Gay Talese, a celebrated New York writer and chronicler of exotic sexual behaviour, to boast: ‘Sexually, I have witnessed, observed and studied the best first-hand, unrehearsed, non-laboratory sex between couples, and most other conceivable sex deviations during these past 15 years.’

Finally, I will be able to satisfy my constant yearning and uncontrollable desire to peer into other people’s lives. 
Gerald Foos 

Foos subsequently revealed all to Talese, who wrote about his exploits in the New Yorker magazine and is about to publish a book.

Experts say voyeurism is all about secrecy so its practitioners are prone to lying. However, Talese knows Foos was telling the truth because he invited the writer to see his twisted operation for himself.

Talese agreed and he recalls arriving in Denver in 1980, where he was met by a slightly overweight, 6ft tall man in his mid-40s who wore spectacles and ‘projected a friendly expression befitting an innkeeper’.


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