• August 12, 2022

Studies Prove Marijuana is Better Than Opioids For Patients..DUH

A study was done in Canada to see which treatment method is best for patients with chronic pain, heroin type drugs or marijuana.  To test their theory out, they gave patients both opioids and marijuana.  During the course of the study 63% quit using the opioids altogether and relied solely on the marijuana.  The majority said they were less afraid of becoming addicted and that it was easier to control the pain using pot.

The gist of the study is that not only can pot be used to replace the more addictive opioids but that patients also prefer it.  Over the last year there have been many warnings about the dangers of marijuana but I have to believe it is much less than the heroin based opioids.



From The Daily Caller:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer fielded questions on President Donald Trump’s stance on marijuana legalization during a press conference Thursday, saying the Department of Justice is likely going to increase enforcement efforts of federal law. Spicer also tied marijuana use to the opioid epidemic, claiming “encouraging people” to use marijuana would be irresponsible in light of the high rates of heroin and prescription painkiller addiction.

“Contrary to the ‘alternative facts’ deployed from the podium in the White House press briefing room, several studies clearly show that states that allow people to legally access marijuana are seeing reduced opioid problems,” Tom Angell, chairman of the Marijuana Majority, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Far from being a ‘gateway drug,’ marijuana is actually a relatively safe alternative to dangerous prescription painkillers.”


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