• May 24, 2024

Super Mario Will Take Nintendo Up A Level In Mobile Gaming For Christmas

If you didn’t have enough young people walking your streets looking for fictions spirits with hand held devices, get ready for the next wave. The Pokemon Go craze has added big bucks to the bottom line, and I can here the Mario music now as he is bouncing around the neighborhood prior to the Christmas Season. Remember it is always about the bottom line.

According to blogs.reuters:

Super Mario takes Nintendo up a level in mobile gaming. The portly plumber made an unexpected cameo at Apple’s latest handset launch, with news that the first smartphone game starring Mario will go live in December. Following the wild success of the Nintendo-backed Pokemon Go, this confirms the Japanese group is no longer dragging its feet on reform and is ready to use top characters on mobile.By noon in Tokyo on Sept. 8, Nintendo shares had leapt more than 13 percent, adding nearly $4 billion in market value. The stock now trades at 38 times next year’s expected earnings, although those estimates may need to be revised upwards.

I’m sure with the advent of the holiday season looming very close now, we will start being bombarded over the air waves with Super Mario information and pre order. Save your money for the children gifts under the tree. This will be a big one. What do you think?

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