• December 5, 2021

Supreme Court Hits Obama Over the Head With Gina McCarthyism

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Barack Obama suffered a major defeat in the Supreme Court yesterday.  The court voted 5-4 along party lines to prevent the EPA from putting in place new rules that would shut down many of our coal electricity generating plants among other things.  The really bad news for Obama is that although the court will hear arguments, five judges put an injunction against the EPA plan.  Basically, what that says is that the justices believe that the regulations are unconstitutional and they believe allowing it to go into action would create irreparable harm to the states who brought the suit.

The court will hear oral arguments on June 2nd.  The EPA is trying to force electric generating plants to cut emissions by 30% by the year 2030, with actual cuts beginning in 2022.  The states are arguing that the new plan amounts to double regulation and cite the economic devastation that such a plan would bring.  They asked for the injunction, otherwise utility companies would have to spend billions (Passed on to consumers) for a plan that is likely to be overturned.  The majority agreed.

Obama plans to make his final year one based on climate change and bankrupting the middle class and the poor.  If his caliphate is unable to convince the Supreme Court to allow him to devastate the country, he will be forced to find a new method.  His 10 dollar a barrel tax on oil would be a good start.  It would siphon 2.1 trillion out of the economy over the next 10 years, although there is little likelihood that congress will pass it.

Despite Obama’s success in the Supreme Court on Obamacare, SCOTUS has been very bad for him.  (Might be because they cannot overlook the constitution?) Obama has a winning percentage in the Supreme Court of under 30%.  All the other presidents combined have a 70% success rate.  Obama has actually lost 20 decisions by a vote of 9-0.

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